Engraved Bricks of our Fallen

Marines and Corpsman of India Company 1966:

The engraved bricks of our fallen have been laid along the winding pathway of Semper Fidelis Memorial Park at the Museum of The Marine Corps in Virginia. They are officially part of the Marine Corps history to be there for as long as there is a Marine Corps.

Each brick contains 2 names of the fallen from Operation Hastings in July 1966. They are in KIA date starting with July 22 1966 along with the inscription of India 3/5 KIA on the first line of the brick followed by name/names. One brick was dedicated to Lt Kopfler. No brick, including the Lt will have the rank on it. Each man is remembered for who he was and not his rank. A total of 14 bricks have been engraved and laid.

The brick numbers are 26538 thru 26551. Go to the below link and either click on it or copy and paste into your browser. Simply enter 1 of the brick number’s from the range of numbers above and you will get the location of the brick and the engraved information on it. We had no input as to where the bricks would be put on the path, but I can tell you it’s a very peaceful location.


Semper Fi

Tom Gainer